Meet Bridgette

I’ve always hated being told what to do. From the time I was a little girl, the lack of freedom and spaciousness that being told what to do felt unnatural to me. It seemed to run counter to my natural state of being. It wasn’t that I did not respect or have reverence for my beloved parents or any authority figure - it just felt like my internal authority figure was not being permitted to FULLY express itself in the way it wanted to.  

Yet in order to be a “good and obedient” girl who was pleasing to my parents, I fell in line.

✓ Be successful

✓ Get married

✓ Buy a house

✓ Live happily ever after

✓ Get good grades

✓ Go to college

✓ Get a degree

✓ Get a good job

As I grew older, this obedience of the safe and predictable structure continued as I followed what seemed to be the magical and success-filled formula of:

I felt so underwhelmed and disappointed by this life I imagined would feel so different than it did. I was making fantastic money and generally liked what I did for a living. It wasn’t that bad. But if I had to be honest, I was bored. I was going through the motions, playing along with the way I thought I was supposed to be acting - and that’s precisely what I was doing - acting. This also lead to me acting in the space of love and connecting with and almost marrying - whoa! Men I thought I was supposed to be with.  

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was completely out of alignment with my truest and most authentic self. I had relinquished my authority and sovereignty to first my parents to be a “good child” and then to societal ‘norms’ to be a good person and do certain things that may have been right for those people, but I had not stopped to question - is that what i want for me?

 It turned out young Bridgette knew something I needed to rediscover for myself - I do not need anyone to tell me what to do. That feeling of defiance as a little girl was my own sovereignty and inner knowing letting its presence be known.    

I dutifully checked those boxes and within a few short months of living within this successful direction-following, I found myself thinking “is this it?! Is this what I’ve been efforting towards?”  

Once I started to seek for and discover all of the ways in which I was preventing myself from experiencing my life and work in a way that felt FREE and LIMITLESS and WHOLLY ME, everything changed.  

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It all started with me realizing that there WAS more to life than what I had experienced so far. As I invested in coaches, trainings and books, the layered on expectations, rules and somebody else’s definition of success were stripped away so that I could connect with the part of me that already KNEW that for herself and was waiting for my loving invitation to come forth. 


Get real with yourself

Get out of that career that pays good but is limiting you

Create a business of your own that gives you freedom, limitless possibilities AND the ability to support other women to do the same

Trust yourself

Have the most fun and freedom-loving life possible

Enjoy your relationship with yourself knowing that you’ll connect with the best right partner to enhance your beautiful life as it is 

Plus so many more boxes that have yet to be created and checked!

And as a result of that deep inner work, I’ve checked off a new set of boxes:

Once I discovered this truth, life has not been the same. I am completely in love with my life and the fact that I get to live it on my terms and I get to invite other successful but bored, stuck and unfulfilled women to be limitless too!

Life was created for us to feel and be LIMITLESS! 

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Your true nature is LIMITLESS. Once removed, your life takes on a sense of meaning and purpose that you are worthy of experiencing.  

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